SP Saturday: Best Practices of Implementing SharePoint Training

I recently watched a webcast by Scott Lavoie that summarizes some of the best practices he’s learned from his experiences as a SharePoint trainer and I wanted to share what I thought were his key take-away messages for me.

I really appreciated this webcast because last year I had created and led a one time 3 hour instructor led training for my company. Coming from more of a developer background, I struggled with what the best approach was for planning and implementing this training. This webcast reinforced some of the practices that I had done and gave me ideas of what new practices I could use for future trainings.

Training Strategy Document:

  • Before starting the training planning, create this document that summarizes what resources are needed to make the training a success and then give this document to management
  • Why? This document is used to cover you to ensure that management knows why a training may not have gone as well as it could have

Pilot Training:

  • Select a cross selection of users with varying technical background to do a pilot run of your training/exercises and elicit feedback afterwards to improve the training
  • Make it clear that it is a pilot and not the actual training
  • Why? Because you as the trainer as so familiar with the material, pilots show you where the gaps are for understanding the training concepts

Training Structure:

  • Provide a table of contents that students can refer to later on to easily find information about a training topic
  • Inform students what they will be learning in the training along with why they should learn it
  • Include a reference section at the end to define SharePoint lingo (ie. Breadcrumb)
  • Have evaluations at the end of the training to get feedback

Other Tips:

  • Use actual company data/policies in the training
  • Determine learning objective for that specific user group and drive the curriculum from those objectives
  • Engage a mentor with the planning process

You can click here for a copy of his slides.

More information about SharePoint Saturdays, where this webcast was originally presented.