Using PowerPoint to create SharePoint Themes

Something interesting I learned recently about SharePoint 2010 was the fact that you can use powerpoint themes as sharepoint themes.


1. Open PowerPoint (I’m using PowerPoint 2007)
2.  Under the “Design” tab, choose a theme and specify your preferred color schema

3. Save the file in “Office Theme” (*.thmx) format
4. Navigate to the site settings of your SharePoint site collection and go to the Themes gallery
5. Click “Upload Document” from the ribbon and upload the theme file that you previously saved – you should now see your theme within the Theme gallery
6.  Go back to site settings and click “Site theme” under the “Look and Feel” category to change the site theme
7. You should now be able to select the theme you uploaded and even further customize the colors/fonts.

8. Once you apply your theme, you should see the changes!



Using BindingRedirects for Web Part Versions

Today I found out how easy it is to use BindingRedirect tags in SharePoint 2010 to have two different versions of a web part. Having this option is helpful in the event that you’ve updated a web part with a new version but sites are using the older version.

In SharePoint 2007 you had to use SPWebModification to update the web.config but in SharePoint 2010, all you have to do is add the tags to the solution manifest!

Once you’ve incremented the assembly version in the AssemblyInfo.cs, double-click on “Package” to get to the manifest and add the bindingRedirect tags and safeControl entry of the older version in the “Edit Options” section. It should look something similar to this:


Once you’ve deployed the solution, if you look in the web.config you can see that both versions are there and there is a bindingRedirect tag added in the <assemblyBinding> area: