SPC2011: Best Practices for User Profiles

Notes from the SharePoint Conference 2011
Session: Best Practices for User Profiles

1. Don’t  enable personal sites just for search

2. Host mysites on its own web application

3. Don’t create personal sites ahead of time

4. Encourage users to observe and use existing tags -> consistency
*FAST search does not index social tags

5. Enable metadata keywords
– list settings > metadata publishing
– follow tags as interest in MySite
– get all info about tag in MySite newsfeed
– tags don’t have permissions but search is security trimmed so users wont see anything they aren’t supposed to

6. Ratings are overrated. Use with caution

7. Enable Activity feed timer job (may be disabled by default)
– default scheduling is hourly – may want to change according to your needs

8. Take time to plan
– what are the business goals?
– which features do you want enabled?
– what permissions should users have?
– what profile properties do you need? (talk to HR/AD group)
– create governance around tagging, ratings, updates, and privacy

9. The AD group may lie to you

10. Configure write back to AD to show picture of users in outlook and lync

12. Use dedicated account for synchronization
Each connection needs to be configured separately – AD, BCS, LDAP

13. Remove disabled users
userAccountControl = 2 filter

Check out:
– Spence Harbor’s blog for more details
– White paper on technet about planning for user profiles


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