Visio Services – Using Visio & Web Part Connections to Highlight

In SharePoint 2010, you can use web part connections between a Sharepoint list and a Visio Web Access web part to highlight steps in a process diagram that are associated with a list item:

When you select a different list item, different steps in the process diagram are highlighted:

Here are the steps to build this example:

  1. Open Visio 2010, create a Visio diagram, and save it as a “Web Drawing” file type
  2. Upload the Visio file to a SharePoint document library
  3. In your Sharepoint site, create a web part page and add the Visio Web Access web part to the page. Edit this web part and set the web drawing URL to the Visio file URL
  4. Create a custom list and add a column called “Highlighted Steps.” Choose “Single line of text” as the column type
  5. Create a list item in the custom list. In the “Highlighted Steps” column, add the Shape name(s) that you want to highlight when you select this list item. If it’s multiple shape names, separated them with commas with no space in between. Ex) “Process1,Proccess1”. You can find the shape name by clicking on the shape information pane and then clicking the shape. The shape name shows up in the upper left side of the box. In the example shown in the picture, the shape name is  Process.3.
  6. On the page, add the list view web part for the custom list you created above.
  7. In the edit mode for the page, click the edit dropdown > Connections > Get Shapes to Highlight From > (custom list name)
  8. In the web part connection settings, set the Provider field name to the “Highlighted Steps” column and the Consumer field name to “Shape Names”. Click Finish

Now when you select one of the list items, it will highlight all the shapes associated with the list item.



3 Responses to Visio Services – Using Visio & Web Part Connections to Highlight

  1. Karell51 says:

    Terrific post. Thanks.

  2. Klees says:

    Im getting a little issue. I cant get my reader to pick up your feed, Im using yahoo reader by the way.

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