Steps to Drive User Adoption

I just finished watching a Metavis webinar by Dave Coleman and Mark Miller. Here are some of the steps they’ve outlined to help drive user adoption that I thought were interesting:

  1. Show solutions, not functionality
  2. Solve a simple, real world problem
  3. Evangelize small wins
  4. Weekly office hours for company users
  5. Add little items of interest to your site: weather magnet, quote of the day, stock quote (via CEWP)
  6. Include site manager contact info on every page
  7. Find a champion and feed her
  8. Create a weekly newsletter – short & sweet, tips & tricks – links to source
  9. Build a “This is how we did it” category – instructions of how to do things in sharepoint
  10. Have the CEO answer a question a week on the front page of the site
  11. Pictures, graphs, videos, images

Another interesting observation to increase user adoption is to integrate SharePoint into the tools that people use everyday. Examples could be showcasing the integration between Outlook and SharePoint or RSS.

Also, Microsoft has a white paper! – SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices


One Response to Steps to Drive User Adoption

  1. lawmeng says:

    great post!! I am working on user’s adoptions on Sharepoint 2007. One things that I learn is look at the way users works and tools that they use everyday. You will find that you can promote or rather provide end users how they can integrate with Sharepoint from their current work….

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