MCTS SharePoint 2010 Application Development 70-573 Prep – Part 1

I have officially started studying for the MCTS SharePoint 2010 Application Development 70-573 exam and wanted to share some of the helpful resources that I’ve come across while prepping.

Microsoft outlines the skills that the test measures to help prepare for the test:

Some overall guides that I’ve found useful so far:

  1. MSDN SharePoint Dev Virtual Labs
  2. Critical Path Training SP2010 Certification Exam Cram Session (Ted Pattison)
  3. “Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010” book
  4. SharePoint 2010 Developer Hands On Labs

Here are the topics that I’ve covered the basics of so far:

Customizing the Ribbon

Microsoft videos – Creating Dialogs and Ribbon Controls for SP2010

An amazing ribbon customization series by Chris O’Brien

Changing the ribbon programmatically

Web Part Connections

MSDN: Connect Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Overview

Building Solutions with BCS using Visual Studio 2010 – video from SP Dev Conference|sharepoint%202010%20conference|||

MSDN Virtual Lab: Developing a BCS External Content Type with Visual Studio 2010

REST Overview

Corey Roth: Intro to querying lists with REST and ListData.svc

Synergy: Overview of REST


Accessing SharePoint List Data using Linq:

Stay tuned for more posts as I continue to study for the exam!


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