Change the SharePoint Designer 2010 Settings from the UI

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In SharePoint 2010, you can now set the SharePoint Designer settings for a web application or a site collection from the UI.

Steps to access the Web Application SharePoint Designer Settings:

  1. In Central Administration, click Application Management
  2. Under the Web Applications heading, click Manage web applications
  3. Select the web application and then in the Web Applications tab of the ribbon, click General Settings > SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer Settings for Web Application

4. From the SharePoint Designer Settings you can specify whether to enable SharePoint Designer and what can be customized using SharePoint Designer for all users:

SharePoint Designer Settings Web Application

Steps to access the Site Collection SharePoint Designer Settings:

  1. From the site collection, click Site Actions > Site Settings
  2. If you are a site collection administrator, you will see the Site Collection Administration column on the right side — under this column click on SharePoint Designer Settings

4. From the SharePoint Designer Settings you can set the ability for Site Owners and Designers  to use SharePoint Designer and what they can customize using SharePoint Designer. It’s important to note that even when all the options are unchecked, a Site Collection Administrator can STILL use SharePoint Designer on the site collection.


You can set the SharePoint Designer settings for an entire web application or an entire site collection. If you want to know how to set these settings programmatically, you should check out this blog post.


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